História de sobrevivência de um rei da espada em um mundo de fantasia / Igye Geom-wang Saengjongi / Igye Geomwang Saengjongi / Isekai Kenou Seizon-ki / Otherworldly Sword King's Survival Records / Survival Story of a Sword King / Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World / The Survival Record of the Sword King in Another World / การเอาชีวิตรอดของราชาดาบในต่างโลก / 拔剑九亿次 / 異世界剣王生存記 / 異界剣王生存記 / 이계 검왕 생존기 / 이계검왕생존기
Rank: 2273rd, it has 2.4K monthly / 54.5K total views.
Authors: Soon-q / Ykb
Artists: Soon-q / Studio khit
Genres: Manhwa , Webtoon , Shounen(B) , Action , Adaptation , Adventure , Beasts , Comedy , Demons , Dungeons , Fantasy , Full Color , Ghosts , Isekai , Magic , Martial Arts , Monsters , Reincarnation
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Original work: Hiatus
Upload status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2019
After being recently discharged from military service and just drifting through life, Hanbin Ryu is suddenly transported to another world. However, his “guide line,” the system bestowed upon him to help with his survival and growth, was filled with errors, causing him to be stuck in the tutorial stage for over 20 years. When he is finally released from this personal hell, he finds everyone has turned against otherworlders like him. Just how will this low-level, super-tutorial newbie survive?
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End Of Season 2
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Chapter 92 : Snow
fleurdelis 1K + 5.2K 424 days ago
Chapter 80 : Larvae
fleurdelis 1.1K + 5.8K 467 days ago
Chapter 35 : Wake Up!!
fleurdelis 1.5K + 7.1K 503 days ago
Chapter 5 : Level 5
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