They Say I'm the Villainous Young Miss / 据说我是反派大小姐
Rank: 2927th, it has 1.6K monthly / 37.3K total views.
Authors: 白纸困
Artists: 白纸困
Genres: Manhua , Shoujo(G) , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color , Historical , Isekai , Reincarnation , Romance , Villainess
Original language: Chinese
Translated language: English
Year of Release: 2022
I worked as a manhua artist, then died from pulling an all-nighter. I woke up as the villainess "Emi Morwen" from my webcomic! Emi was an alluring yet cruel character who departed from the story by ending her own life. However, I’m not the real Emi!
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