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BBL Scans

GroupID: #18787 Created at 2021-04-17 By BBLOVER 2439 member views, 84194 guest views
Our scans translates manhuas: BL, GL, Romace.
We are currently in need of CLRD's (procreate or photoshop with experience).

As for translators, we accept the following;

Chinese TL's
French TL's
Portuguese (Brazilian) TL's
Dutch TL's
Filipino TL's
Spanish TL's

If interested in any roles join our discord and open a ticket in the recruitment channel.

Note: Anyone is free to reupload or retranslate our translations as long as credit is given. (Such as keeping the credit pages or mentioning our scans and discord).

Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/XnrcpBtnDt

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